Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abercrombie asks 'Jersey Shore' cast to wear something else

From USAToday:  Abercrombie asks 'Jersey Shore' cast to wear something else.

LMAO. I love this.  I really do.  Do you know how much companies pay actors/athletes to wear their brand?  Millions of dollars.  A year!  In 2003, Lebron James signed a 7 year, 90 million dollar deal with Nike.  That’s 12 million a year.  12 FREAKIN MILLION A YEAR!  He reupped with Nike last year for another multiyear deal.  I don’t know the exact terms, but I have a good idea that it’s a little less than my multiyear deal with Sketchers.  Hey, look…I’ve got an ego, too! 


And product placement?  Advertisers and media makers have turned that into an art.   You know Acura pays out the nose to have their vehicles in the recent/upcoming Marvel movies.

So how funny is it that Abercrombie is asking the cast of the Jersey Shore to stop wearing their clothes?!?!?  And not only asking, but paying them NOT to wear their clothes?  Are we on Bizarro world?  How often does that happen?  A&F weren’t even paying them to wear their clothes to begin with.  It’s freakin free pub!  I wonder how much they’re offering the cast not to wear their clothes.  Man, I wish someone would pay me not to wear their clothes.  I wish Van Heusen would pay me money not to wear their dress shirts.  Maybe Van Heusen should be worried about the integrity of their brand knowing I’m walking around the streets of beautiful downtown Ben Salom sporting their shirts.  I know I would be.

As much as I can’t stand Abercrombie (mostly cause I’m an old, out of shape dude who couldn’t fit leg one into those $170 jeans of theirs), I gotta give them some credit for protecting their brand rather than sell it out.  “Distressing to customers”…God!  I love that!  How pretentious.  How highfalutin of Abercrombie and Fitch.  I wonder if all the little hipsters flipping thru the channels while wearing their $50 Panther Gorge graphic tees go into convulsions when they see the Situation (no relation to the Juice, btw) wearing the same shirt.  Talk about worlds colliding! “ OMG, Keely.  I’m distressed!  I’m distressed!  He’s wearing my shirt!  What am I gonna do?  I can’t switch back to American Eagle!  They are so 2009.”

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