Friday, August 26, 2011

And we're off to the vet. Again. Pt2

Pt 1 here.  Carry on for Pt2...

Great, back to the vet.  But…were not really talking the vet here.  No.  We’re talking the 24 hour emergency hospital for animals, aka…Center for Animal Referral and Emergency  Services  or Cares(Yea.  That’s right.  I just plugged the shit out of them.  Maybe for the mention I’ll get a 2% discount on my next visit.  Which should be any second now).   The place just sounds expensive, doesn’t it?  Well, believe you me, it ain’t cheap.  How do I know?  Oh…forgive me.  I didn’t mention that’s where I had to take the dog for his bad eye?  No?  How silly of me.  Yea.  The dog has to see a specialist for the eye. Cause his normal vet (ie cheap vet) doesn’t deal with eyeballs.  And where does the specialist reside?  Yep.  You guessed it.



Funny thing is?  I had to take the dog there that very night for a follow up visit for his eye.  GREAT!!!!!  Double visits.  Might as well start depositing money right into Cares bank  account.  “Alright.”  I sighed, running my hands through my hair. “Alright.”

“How are you going to get him in the car?” Kelly Marie asked, getting up.

“I don’t know.”  I looked around.  “I guess I’ll just wrap him up in a blanket.”

“Ok”.  Kelly Marie said getting up.  “I’ll go start the car.”

I went to scoop him up.  The cry he let out. Ugh.  It was like pinching a baby.  Not that I would know the sound a baby makes when you pinch them.  This was not good.  I quickly picked him up and wrapped him as best I could.  The dog cried the whole way to the car.  I laid him on the front seat and headed back inside to get my phone.

                                                 Pinch, pinch, pinch

“Babe…”  Kelly Marie called out from behind me.  “He’s trying to get off the seat.

My mind paused for a moment.  Just a moment.  It was a flash.  A quick…What?  For your benefit, though, let’s just call it a bit of foreshadowing.  Because, although I didn’t, I really should’ve seen it as such.  “Ok.”  My mind again racing, I put it my shit back into gear and ran into the house.  “I’ll grab his carrier.  He’s just gonna have to travel in there.”  What dog doesn’t go nuts in a car, right?  But, whatever was going on with the dog…I didn’t want him entertaining any notions of crazy car travel.

I threw the carrier in the back seat, and gingerly picked up the dog.  He cried as I stuffed him as best I could into the carrier.  “Alright.”  I muttered.

“Let me know what happens.”  Kelly Marie said, giving me a quick kiss goodbye.

“I will.”  I pulled out of the driveway and high tailed it to the hospital.  This dog ain’t dying on my watch.

I checked the dog in at the front desk of Cares.  “I had an appointment for Snowflake later today.  But…when I came home for lunch today, I found him on the floor not moving.”  I said in a slight panic to the receptionist behind the iMac, which at any other point in time probably would’ve given me a raging hard on.  The iMac.  Not the receptionist.

                                           27inches of pure computer porn

“Ok.”  She said.  “I’ll get someone from triage out here.”

Triage?  All the sudden I’m at the 4077th? Is it going to be Hawkeye?  Honeycutt?  God…please don’t let it be Winchester.  He’s a total snob!  I scanned the room quickly to see if there were any other morons here on their lunches with their mangled mutts.  Nope!  Just me.  A nurse walked out through double doors behind me.  “Snowflake?”  She asked heading in my direction.  

“Hi.”  I offered a weak smile.  I explained the story again, the nurse listening intently.

“Ok.  Well, let’s take a look.”  She said opening the door to the carrier.

And the dog ran out.

But wait!  There's more...

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