Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cherry Pie

I know this is kinda old news, and I really had no intention of commenting on it.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  It is a sad story.  And we all gotta meet the big guy at some point, I suppose.  On the way home from work, though, I heard the song "Cherry Pie" Jani Lane wrote/performed with Warrant.  Back in 2006, he did an interview for VH1's Heavy:  The Story of Metal about the song.  And now, every time I hear Cherry Pie, I think of that interview. 

Now before all you high brow, better than thou, music snobs out there with your beady little eyes go off thinking I’m dissing Cherry Pie, you are sadly mistaken.  It’s a great freakin’ song!  To this day.  It’s got to be in my top 1541 songs of all time.  Let me just remind you that it reached number 10 on the Rock charts.  And…AND…it was named #56 on VH1’s 100 top rock songs of all time!  In 2009, nonetheless!  Now if that doesn’t lend any credence to me liking Cherry Pie, then nothing will!  So, yea…I admit it.  A young, mullet haired me totally rocked out to:  “…Swingin’ in the livin’ room.  Swingin’ in the kitchen.  Most folks don’t cause their too busy bitchin’” (BTW…for those of you who don’t understand euphemisms or innuendos…”Swingin” is a metaphor for “fornicating”.  FYI.).
As for said interview…

Man!  How fucking sad is that?  The dude HATED the song.  HATED IT!  Can you imagine being known for the rest of your days for something you hate?  Well…I guess when I put it that way, most of us can.  But, not on this level.  Not where a good portion of the population knows you from a popular raunchy song you penned/recorded/performed almost 2 decades prior.  And now?  All’s us hasbeens, who are just trying to regain our lost youth, want to hear from you is…Cherry Pie.  God!  That must really suck.  Playing that stupid song over and over again.  Night after night.  No one wants to hear the new shit.  Just play the hits.  Cherry Pie!!!
I saw Jani Lane retracted that statement in a later interview.  Saying, at the time of the first interview, he was going thru a bitter divorce.  And his comments were taken out of context.  All of which I don’t doubt.  But, clearly, the dude hated the song.  Which, is kinda sad.  It’s not a bad song.  Kinda epitomizes the era.  Believe me, I cranked it when it came on.  In my mini van.  Yea…that’s right.  Mini van. 
Whatever.  ”I’m a trained professional.”


  1. Heard it again on the radio last night! "...put a smile on your face, ten miles wide..."

  2. just heard it again. love cherry pie!

  3. A lot of singers feel that way, but who doesn't love "Cherry Pie?" It made him famous didn't it?

    1. agreed! actually, it must be pretty difficult playing the same song over and over and over again. night after night. you can kinda understand why musicians turn toward drinking/drugs. none of us has an easy lot, but that's gotta be pretty difficult