Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank God for: Power

I love power.  Man!  Do I love power.  There’s nothing like it.  Where the hell would we be without it?  And the thing is, we all take it for granted.  All of us.  It’s not until it’s gone do you get an inkling what it means to you.  Us.  The planet.  It’s not until your 6 hours into only the big guy know’s how long of a hurricane Irene stretch that you realize how much you rely on electricity.  Awwww...who am I kidding?  6 hours?  Ha!  Six seconds after the house lost power, I was wondering what the hell I was gonna do until this shit passed.

I don’t know what it is about where I live.  But, whenever it starts to drizzle, I lose electricity.  I shit you not.  Ok...maybe that was a bit of a stretcher, but it’s not far from the truth, either.  I lost power around 10:00 on Saturday night.  The friggin hurricane had barely started and I lost power.  WTF?  It’s like the power saw the storm coming and said, “Fuck it.  I’m outta here.”  Talk about fight or flight.  What’s even funnier is how the power went out.  It flickered for a few moments.  Like, it thought about it for a second...maybe I’ll stay on, the storm IS just starting to hit...nah.  I’m out.

                                           It felt like at this point that my power went out
It wasn’t like there was this huge accident.  Or a bolt of lightening.  Or anything like that.  Just flickered out.  Any other time, there’s some theatrics.  A transformer blowing.  Someone hitting a power pole.  Something like that.  Not this time.  Nope.  Just a little bit of wind and....POOF.  I’m starin’ down the barrel of no internets.


                                                           No.  Not that type of transformer
And what really annoys the shit outta me?  No, it’s not that the Pope had power and he lives five minutes away.  Or that the folks had power and they live 10 minutes away.  Or that every one else in beautiful Ben Salom had power.  It was the fact that half my block still had power.  They had power two houses down.  TWO HOUSES DOWN!
Oh...I can’t forget the salt in the wound.  No friggin power until Sunday afternoon.  Look...don’t get me wrong.  I ain’t bitchin.  The house got out of this storm relatively unscathed.  And I give my complete and utter thanks to the techs that got my power restored.  If I knew who they were, I’d write them all a check for at least a grand each.  Fortunately for me, I don’t know who they an all around appreciation of their fine work is what I’ll give.
What I’m pointing out is that laughter in the background.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear it as you read this.  It’s a slight stifle of a giggle.  Shhhhhhhh! 

There it is!
Yep. That’s the big guy just poking a little fun at your friendly neighborhood Jman.  Not enough to make me miserable, but enough to let me know he’s got a sense of humor. point here is this:  After not having TV, the microwave, the internets, FIOS, air conditioning, and every other one of our wonderful modern conveniences for 18 odd hours, it really makes you appreciate electricity.  And all it does for us.  So, lets thank the big guy for letting Ben Franklin discover electricity.  Cause I sure did miss Facebook last night. yourself a solid.  When you do an internet search for the song “Come on Eileen”, make sure you spell the word “Come” correctly.  Otherwise, you’ll never think of that stupid song the same way again.  Hey.  Don’t blame the messenger.  I’m just sayin’...

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