Monday, October 3, 2011

Song of the Week: Lies of the Beautiful People

I feel so traumatized
Doped up and televised
Life can be cruel and insane

But we've got these ugly scars
On our infected hearts
Maybe it's time for a change

I don’t know what’s wrong with music today.  Where is all the rock? know and I know that I grew up on metal.  Hair metal, to be exact.  I say it loud.  I say it proud. I say it softly and when no one is around.  Because, quite frankly, it’s embarrassing.  Saying you like Metal these days is like saying you like hippies and Disco, well...whatever decade you live in.  ‘Cause no one likes hippies or Disco.  I mean, thank god for the Foo Fighters, cause if it weren’t for them, where would we be?

Which brings me to “Lies of the Beautiful People” by Sixx A.M.  It’s like a breath of sweet late 80‘s air.  Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, though, this being Nikki Sixx’s band.  Now...don’t be put off, or high minded, cause all the sudden you’re thinking:  “Ugh!  The Crue?!?!”  The song has a little more depth and thought behind it, than most of Motley’s fare.  I wonder when Sixx is on tour with Sixx AM, if he's constantly questioned about Motley.  Remember what I said one wants to hear the new stuff.  Just play the hits.  Even if the hits are from a completely different band.  I wonder if he feels obligated to play Motley songs.

My favorite part of this song, though, has got to be the bridge.  Right after the throw back, kick ass guitar solo, the bridge comes in...and for the length of the entire chorus repeated,  the last note from the guitar solo is held.  Do yourself a solid.  Fast forward the song to the 2:55 point and let it rip.  At 3:06 the last note is hit.  That fucker is sustained for almost 16 seconds.  Yea...I know.  I know that it’s been helped probably by some sort of sustaining program.  No one can hold a note that long.  Still, I got two words for you...awesome!

The rest of the cd borderlines on emo rock.  Which is fine for the emos.  But, I’m 40 now.  My teenage angst is sorta behind me.  I’m not all that mad at my ol’ man anymore (I mean he can still be a pain in the ass, but, he hasn’t put a brick behind my tire in a long time).  Sorta reminds me of the song “I’m an Adult Now”.  Which, now that I mention it, I probably shouldn’t mention it.  Cause that be a great song for a Song of the Week. So, just strike that last sentence from the record, counselor.  Your witness...

And what does it say when a 53 year old is still singing about angst?  Nothing against Sixx.  All the more power to him!  But, what does it say about the state of the union when a 53 year old has to carry the banner of Rock into battle?  Dave Grohl from the fore mentioned Foo Fighters?  42.  I love these guys (In a purely platonic way, of course), but come on!  Where’s the blood?  Where’s the lifeline?  Muse?  Sorry...not rock.  Foster the People?  Sorry...still not rock.  Cage the Elephant?  Rise Against?  Young the Giant?  Mumford and Sons?  Not rock.  Not rock.  Not rock.  And more not rock.  Sorry...back in my day we called that college radio.  And it was ugh!

But, hey...there’s always AC/DC!  It’s only been 30 seconds since I last heard “Thunderstruck” on the radio.

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