Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Note from the Editor

Growing up, I used to hate when my favorite TV shows would go on winter break.  Remember, this was before the internets and cable TV.  Four channels, my friends, that was it.  God!  That sucked.  You’d have almost two weeks off from school and either it would be reruns or Battle of the Network TV Stars.  Those few weeks between Christmas and going back to school sucked.  For TV viewing, that is.
Well, guess what?  Fadderly’s picking up on that great tradition!  Reruns all this week!  Yes!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Why?  Why am I doing this to you?  ‘Cause I’m tired, that’s why.  Your friendly neighborhood Jman is still nursing some sort of post-Christmas non-alcoholic hangover.  I can’t seem to get my ass moving here.
NONONONONO!  Don’t start crying.  I may have a new post come Friday.  But today’s?  Oh…it’s a rerun. For sure.  I mean, at this point, I might as well just turn this rambling into a real post.  My word count is starting to get a little too high here.  But, for you dear reader, that’s neither here nor there.
So…until I can get my ass into gear, I remain…


  1. This made me giggle I have to admit. I never watched much TV growing up. Had to much other stuff to do. However my kids are TV freaks so I get what you are saying here. They moan about all the re-runs then go watch something on the computer or whatever. Cracks me up. God forbid they go outside to hang out. Nice meeting you. Thanks for swinging by today.

  2. lol! tv watching is a thing in the past for me. who's got the time? i definitely remember some really long nights during xmas break, where nothing was on tv, though...