Thursday, January 26, 2012

Completely Random Photo of the Immediate Future

So…I’m at the Verizon store a few weeks ago signing the next two years of my life away to “own” the gloriousness that is iPhone 4s (and, yes, like iPad and iPad2 before it, the iPhone 4s has made my life even more complete).
While I’m painfully watching the seconds tick by til iPhone 4s rapture hits me, I glance over and see this:

                                  so happy! thanks Verizon!!!!
No big deal, right?  Just a family.  All happy because sonny-boy (who, btw, is wearing silly bands) is in his own personal Shangri-La, courtesy of Verizon and their wonderful products.  That is…until further inspection.  This guy looks a bit jealous.  Actually he looks downright green with a quiet jealous rage!
                               Wait'll I get my hands on that phone!!!!

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