Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Song of the Immediate Future: Take Off

Alright.  This is gonna be my last reference to Christmas 2011.  Last one, I swear!  After this, I’m done.  We’ll close the books on Christmas once and for all!  Besides, it’s only a passing reference.  So don’t get your silky, sexy, black panties in a knot, ok?

Sometime during the weeks leading up to Christmas last year, I heard Bob and Doug Mackenzie’s “12 Days of Christmas.” Man! I loved that song as a kid.  And hearing it over the holidays, totally reminded me of the summer of 83.  When The Pope and I watched the movie Strange Brew at my grandmother’s house at least 50 million times.  I shit you not.  We watched that movie so much we knew the dialogue backwards and forwards.

In the early 80’s, HBO had a really tight movie rotation (I don’t know what kind of rotation they have now.  Your friendly neighborhood Jman ain’t spending an extra $30 a month for more TV he ain’t watching.  Sorry kids.).  HBO must’ve played Strange Brew 4 times a day.  And my brother and I were right in front of the tube at least 3 out of those 4 times.
About the same time as Strange Brew’s release, Bob and Doug also released the song, “Take Off”.  Which, conveniently enough, was the other thing I thought of after hearing their version of the “12 Days of Christmas.” That night, I pulled out (That’s just an expression.  I, uhhhhh....I looked up the song on Youtube!  Yea!  Looked up the song on Youtube.  Which I am conveniently hotlinking for you below) the song “Take Off”, and rode the magic carpet ride back down memory lane.

Wow!  What a flippin flashback, right!?!?  I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  Is that who I think it was singing the chorus (a lot of thinking going in those two sentences)?  Yep…you’re right, hoser.  That was Geddy Lee of Rush!  Beauty, eh?
                                 More than proficient...
Which kinda reminds me of the time I saw Rush in concert a few years back.  Look, I like Rush enough.  I like a few of their songs.  I’m not a superfan, by any means, but I know enough of their music to go to the show with my buddy, Paco Reban (who IS a superfan).  God damn that concert was painful!  It was probably like watching Mozart or Beethoven performing in whatever year they performed.  Painful.  The Rush show was three dudes getting off on being proficient with their instruments (and I’m totally not referring to porn stars, here).
I’ve seen more than my fair share of concerts, but I can’t say that the Rush show was the worse show ever.  No, that spot is reserved for the Indigo Girls wayyyyyy back in 92.  That one was god awful.  I’m still pretty mad at myself for agreeing to go to that show.  Not only was it 2 hours I’ll never get back, I actually lost an additional two hours of time off my life suffering through the purgatory that was the Indigo Girls (Closer I am to fine.  Closer I am to fine!) The Rush concert? It was just bor-ring.
                                  sorry, ladies.  but truth is truth
Look, I know “Take Off” is terrible.  No need to remind me.  I was 12 at the time, what do you want from me?  We all know twelve year olds are stupid.  But just because it’s a terrible song, doesn’t make it any less a qualifier for Song of the Immediate Future.  Why does "Take Off" qualify as a Song of the Immediate Future, you ask?  Simple, really. It’s the song’s ability to earwig it’s way into your brain enough to irritate the shit out of you, like it does to me.

I’m just here to share my pain…

"...like magic, eh, it's coming in.  just like it was sung by angels..."


  1. I am impressed you even admit paying money to see the indigo girls - hahahahaha. Hey, that IS truth in writing.

  2. lol! yea, well, that's just between you and me. so, please!!!! don't tell anyone!