Thursday, March 22, 2012

Completely Random Photo of the Immediate Future

See this?  Do you see this? This is what happens to birthday cakes in our house after about a week.  We destroyed it!  You don’t ever want to mess with us.  We’ll put a hurtin’ on you like this cake!!!


  1. note to self...never eat week old cake at Fadd's house...

  2. That's pretty devastating. I like cake to be cute into nice pieces and served neatly on plates. This is--- I don't know what. And I'm a little distressed about the store-bought lookingness of it. If you read me often, you know my thoughts about that!!

    1. LOL! The left side of the cake we did serve as cut up and on plates like normal humans. The right side, what's pictures is what happens to cake behind closed doors. And, it is a bit frightening if you ask me.