Friday, March 16, 2012

Completely Random Photo(s) of the Immediate Future

The other day, Kelly Marie called me from Target, laughing.  She said she found these really funny cards.  She proceeded to read them to me.  I told her to buy them, right on the spot.  She thought I was nuts.  Truth be told, I am.  But, I wanted to share them with my listeners.  You guys are the best damn listeners, ever!

These are real, btw.  I know a few years ago, I did a post with fake Hallmark cards that your friendly neighborhood jman “doctored” slightly.  But, these are actual (crappy) scans of actual greeting cards.
Hmmmm.  Now I gotta go find that fake Hallmark card post...
                                             Outside of card #1
                                              Inside of card #1
                                           Outside of card #2
                                            Inside of card #2


  1. Ha! I love them! I can NEVER find cards I like...I don't even bother with cards anymore. But these could bring me back.

    1. seriously! are wayyyyyy too expensive. to end up in the trash?

  2. Don't you just love finding a card that expresses exactly what you want to say? Man, they know their stuff. HAHAHAHA that is freaking hysterical.

    1. yea. thanks! i can't even claim credit for finding them! :)