Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My 7 Favorite Things to Say to My Kids

Friends, neighbors, internet countrymen…lend me your ears.  A few days ago, I set you up with a really funny post called:  My Kids’ 7 Favorite Things to Say” over at parentsociety.comWell, today?  Here are My 7 Favorite Things to Say to My Kids”.  Wanna lil nibble?  Ok…

As in: “Dad? Dad? Dad, Dad, Dad!” This usually comes from one or more of them while they’re by the front door. My response, when I’m usually at the farthest point in the house from the front door: “WHAT?”

Yes!  It is another countdown and it’s another slideshow!  I took it really easy on your brains this morning.  So…hit this link!!!

Bet you can’t guess what #1 is?!?!?

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