Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Essay: Gated Entrance

There’s a really cool, creepy place where I live in beautiful downtown Ben Salom.  It doesn’t have a name per se, but, a cool, creepy place nonetheless...

Yep!  It’s an old graveyard.  But, wait!  It’s not just any old graveyard, it’s an old graveyard with a free standing gate!

Where’s the fence, you ask?  I have no freakin clue! Now, I know I said it's creepy looking, and maybe you're thinking to yourself:  "That place ain't so creepy!  Heck, I'd probably have a picnic there, it's that unscary!"  Well, you're right,  It ain't.  But, it's day time, smartass.  Nothing's scary during the day.  Except, maybe, dentists (i apologize to all my dental listeners out there).  And someone cut the grass!?!?  Figures.  I’ve been driving by this entrance for years…years! And when I finally decide to stop and take pictures?  Someone cuts the lawn the day before.  Whatever.

What else makes this place great, besides the free standing gate?  The place next store.  Take a look...

It’s a day care!  I love it!

Over the years, the daycare has slowly crept into the graveyard’s land.  I don’t know.  I hope they’re not taking land that they shouldn’t be, if you know what I’m saying.  The last people you want to be pissing off, are dead people.

I tell my kids all the time, when the dead rise, they’re gonna have some really good eats with those daycare kids being right next door.  Those stupid, young kids with their still fresh brains.  At least me and my kids will be able to get a running start while the zombies are filling their insatiable hunger on those daycare kids.
             she may look cute, but she'll be snackin on your brains faster than you can say "double tap"


  1. Funny - and I find the free standing gate creepy in the daytime too!

    1. it's a little weird, actually. the pictures really don't do it justice, either. And at night? whew....

  2. That. Is. Hilarious.

    And the free-standing gate makes me think there's some Rule of the Undead that as long as there's a gate, their souls can't leave the cemetery to haunt...the local daycare.