Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Is the “Right” Age for a Kid Cut the Lawn?

“I have to tell you, I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a really long time. It’s probably one of the few perks of having kids. No, I’m not talking about when the last one finally moves out. I wish I was that lucky! Heavens, no. I’ve got at least another decade and a half before that happens to me. No, I’m  talking about another milestone in your growth as a parent. What is it?”
Ok.  Ok.  That’s enough.  No more for you.  If you like what you’ve read, you’re gonna have to pop on over to to check out the rest.   The article’s called:  “What Is the “Right” Age for a Kid Cut the Lawn?”
So?  Why are you still staring at me?  Cause I teased the way I did?!?!  Oh, stop!  It's just a tease.  Just hit the link, for all that’s holy!  Stop being so sensitive!

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